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Cardfighters of CT, you are encouraged to begin making your Character Creation sheets here: https://cardfightterminal.forumotion.com/t299-character-creation-guide -------------------------------------------- Any questions concerning the sheets will go to the admins, return a filled out sheet to The Mau5 or Neku Sakuraba. Thank you.
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 Kitsune no Shonen's Log

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Kitsune no Shonen
Kitsune no Shonen

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Kitsune no Shonen's Log Empty
PostKitsune no Shonen's Log

So far you have barely noticed some technical changes I have made. Firstly, I have centered the profile fields so they can look a bit more organized alongside centering all of the category images (ongoing project,) and centering the category names/color changes.

There is a fade when you hover over certain things such as links, images, and the sections themselves. As well as a rollover effect on the sections to highlight them. Neat.

I have also enabled the RP Character Sheet, so that way when you get the chance you can update your RP character info onto the profile field (it should expand by holding over a dashed corner if there is lengthy info.) I have also activated the Dice Function for RP and even future lottery events.

There are new Toggle functions in the forum. If you see here:

Kitsune no Shonen's Log 294cdde2120f482493111271a7100bd5

It goes in conjunction to the Forum Width resizer on your left hand side. Your screen may expand, or it may not. If it does (when you "un-hide" your widget bar,) you can always adjust your forum back to 900 pixels and it'll fit your screen once again (try the other options to center it back.)
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Kitsune no Shonen's Log

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