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 Another New Idea for a Tournament??

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Another New Idea for a Tournament?? Empty
PostSubject: Another New Idea for a Tournament??   Another New Idea for a Tournament?? Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2012 10:52 am

Well, I was watching the last few episodes of the anime because I needed to catch up, and I noticed that they had special rules. WELL, me and a good friend of mine were dueling IRL when I thought we should try it. So, we had to improvise a little bit. We wanted 6 rules, but the anime revealed 4 so we had to come up with 2....here's what we had:
1- Start with 2 damage, end with 8
2- Can't see the attacker (Roll a dice)
3- 30 seconds per move (We got a stopwatch- but knowing how laggy byond is it should probably be extended to 1 minute)
4- Drive check on rear-guards
5- No skills can be activated
6- Use the other person's deck

If we actually had a tournament like this on here, whoever hosts it can change the rules freely, or whatever, but I would DEFINATELY want to be in the tournament for presenting the idea ^^

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Another New Idea for a Tournament??
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