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Cardfighters of CT, you are encouraged to begin making your Character Creation sheets here: https://cardfightterminal.forumotion.com/t299-character-creation-guide -------------------------------------------- Any questions concerning the sheets will go to the admins, return a filled out sheet to The Mau5 or Neku Sakuraba. Thank you.
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 Welcome to the Trading Square!

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Welcome to the Trading Square! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Trading Square!   Welcome to the Trading Square! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2012 5:54 pm

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Welcome fighters! I welcome you to the Trading Square! Here at the trading square you can conduct official trades of your cards so that you all can get what you want from each other! To conduct a trade you will use your card catalog. Your card catalog is your overall collection of cards that you will put in storage from all the cards that you will receive (in a general sense.) If you do not have a card catalog, you cannot conduct a trade, construct or reconstruct your deck(s). Be fair when trading and please keep it civil! [Forum rules still apply here.]
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Welcome to the Trading Square!
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