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 Dark Gate of Quo'trath

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Dark Gate of Quo'trath Empty
PostSubject: Dark Gate of Quo'trath   Dark Gate of Quo'trath Icon_minitimeSun Jul 29, 2012 3:32 am

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The Dark Gate of Quo'trath

Any man that has attempted to enter may have succeeded


legend has it that those men that have entered have been eaten by trolls

legend also has it that beyond these gates lies the province of the Yokai

The dark gloomy skies strike fear and caution, to the point of paranoia

you walk in terror, with hope dwindling

This is the entrance to the land of Quo'trath, home of the demonic creatures that is



and Trolls

Before you enter, you see a huge wall that goes further into the mountains, hidden away from view

Then you see a horrendously huge gate that can only be opened by the strength of a dozen trolls

there awaits you as you enter (or exit) hundreds of guards standing there

with skulls of all races attached to their weapon hilts, waist, wherever a decoration can

be placed, there is doom written on a single guard.

Do you dare enter/exit?
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Dark Gate of Quo'trath
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