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Cardfighters of CT, you are encouraged to begin making your Character Creation sheets here: http://cardfightterminal.forumotion.com/t299-character-creation-guide -------------------------------------------- Any questions concerning the sheets will go to the admins, return a filled out sheet to The Mau5 or Neku Sakuraba. Thank you.
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 Cardfight Terminal Quests List

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Neku Sakuraba
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PostSubject: Cardfight Terminal Quests List   Cardfight Terminal Quests List Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2012 2:11 am

Well, According to our new system, Now you will be under an exp rpg growth based system, which means you will have to fight like crazy, but fighting alone won't do! So, in order to help you grow, we have also came up with a quest system, like in any rpg, you can complete this set of quests in order to gain aditional exp (to the one you will usually gain for your cardfights), the harder the quest, the more exp and bp you will gain for them

Grade 0:


Grade 1:


Grade 2:


Grade 3:


Any questions about the quests you can send me a pm and i will gladly clear your doubts
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Cardfight Terminal Quests List
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