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Cardfighters of CT, you are encouraged to begin making your Character Creation sheets here: http://cardfightterminal.forumotion.com/t299-character-creation-guide -------------------------------------------- Any questions concerning the sheets will go to the admins, return a filled out sheet to The Mau5 or Neku Sakuraba. Thank you.
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 CT Renovations and Reconstruction

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Kitsune no Shonen
Kitsune no Shonen

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CT Renovations and Reconstruction Empty
PostSubject: CT Renovations and Reconstruction   CT Renovations and Reconstruction Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2012 12:50 am

Hello everyone, I am Kitsune no Shonen, a brand new administrator who has helped drive with Mau5 and Neku to help reconstruct this place from its former state. but i fail cause It seems that it got way less active cuz i am dumb.things were not working out before. Great! The past is behind us and here we are with a new, fresh start. I have only been here for 3 days, and I put those 3 days to be less stupid and put good use by giving you guys a helping hand around here. I will be here to see it all until the end. I will learn how to Fight (I have never played CFV in my life to be completely honest.) So from this community, I will love to experience learning from you all and growing alongside you.

Now, it is time I updated you on what just happened in these 3 days. What happened was my dearest, best friend and blessed maiden Digi has donated one of her systems that she has attempted to use at several different forums--mainly YGO based forums to be accurate, one place was working for awhile until the founder went awoll (I digress.) This idea is known as the Total RPG. With this system, the staff's goal is to mimic the entire forum and the methods within to that of an RPG. That is exactly what we did and there will be flaws here and there. As time passes, we will do our best to fix those errors and move on.

  • On a more specific note, a lot has changed. Most of the updates can be found in my ass/FAQ Thread here: http://cardfightterminal.forumotion.com/t297-faq-thread#2291

  • I have also taken the liberty of doing some small coding changes to the skin of the forum and every button inside it. Basically made the place a bit more gimmicky. You can hover over people's names and it will "dim" their picture and if you click on it, it will redirect you to their profile. This is an easy edit for mods when they have to award stuff.

  • Other things that have changed are Deck Shop policies:

  • GFX Renovation: Credits to Mau5 for the new section banners, upcoming slides, main banner and affiliation banner. This was a very daunting task and he is still ongoing with this project.

  • Portal Renovation: I have taken the liberty of reformatting the structure and contents of the portal and have cleaned it up. I have removed and moved around certain widgets and added a slide show.

  • CT Hall of Fame: In certain events (hint, hint, Dueling Leagues,) the Hall of Fame will be one of the highest rewards a member can achieve. We will make a small gfx banner that shows what event you succeeded at, your picture, and your username.

  • Dueling Leagues: Here we will host special events that are all unique and, ultimately, fun. Game types include: survival, mosh brawls, free for alls, and many more!

  • Level System: You know the drill. Think RPG! Brawling= Level UP! You will use your acquired BP to buy things at the shops. Your actual Level will also unlock you more Objectives and Quests. When you max out, there is a big mystery that awaits CT...

  • Special Shops: So this will be hosted by ONLY the staff! Why? Because what will be sold there are pretty important such as: IGP, RPP (Role Play Perks), Rare Cards and much more! You are all free to be customers nonetheless. Who else would?

Live long and prosper, kyan~
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CT Renovations and Reconstruction
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